The Birth of Kalo Kru

Who is KALO KRU?

Welina Mai Kakou!  We are Kalo Kru. Since experiencing COVID with our keiki and living through such uncertain times we felt determined to give them something they could identify with through it all. Each of them are named after a variety of taro also known as kalo and my Husband being a kalo farmer it only seemed fitting. Hence the Kalo Kru was born quite literally. Our older keiki are passionate about growing their own crops, eating pono, even saving seeds to cultivate and feel more than connected to their culture by knowing they are capable of making these choices and living this way. Not only do we want them to have a connection to our Hawaiian Culture but also teach them to live a sustainable lifestyle, create alternative income, grow food and build community relationships. For us it starts here and it starts now.

What is KALO KRU

Kalo Kru is a lifestyle brand that believes in an abundance of growth in areas of life. Our designs are inspired from living off the land and all the beauty our homelands, Hawai’i has to offer. From Mauka to Makai we feel connected and truly blessed to call this place home. We feel we have been ignited in knowing where we come from and the desire to share that manaʻo with others of who are still trying to figure it out. We have committed to grow our own little Kalo Kru to farm and that in itʻs self is a true testimony of creating and believing in sustainability. So as we continue to plant our seeds we simply just want to keep ʻOhana and community connected and deeply rooted to this ‘āina, to their culture and to their kuleana. “Our roots run deep in this ‘āina!”


Deeply Rooted,

Kalo Kru HI 

‘O’opu Kai (11)
Mana Ulu (7)
Pi’i Ali’i (2)